Career Paths - Mechanics: Teacher's Book by Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley

By Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley

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I can't have it fail on me in the middle of winter. Mechanic: Certainly, Ms. Davis. I'll get my tools. Mechanic: (M) Thanks for calling Billings Refrigeration. Customer (F): Hi, this is Karen at the Soup Stand restaurant. We really need your help. Mechanic: What seems to be the problem? Customer: Our busy lunch rush will start soon, and our air conditioning system has stopped working. I'm afraid the customers may walk out due to the heat. Mechanic: Well, we certainly don't want that. Is this the first time it's happened?

Teacher: Correct. Very good. Now, tell me how an insulator is different to a conductor. Student: Okay. A conductor allows electricity to flow, and an insulator stops electricity from flowing. Teacher: Good. So what property does an insulator exhibit? Student: I know this, it's the opposite of conductivity. Oh! It's resistance. Teacher: Exactly. Insulators are forms of electrical resistance. Now, which type of current only flows in one direction? Student: That's AC. Teacher: Actually, that's incorrect.

Will both systems work for any v~hicle? Supplier: Yes, as long as you know the vehicle manufacturer specifications. Mechanic: Okay. Now, what about maintenance? Supplier: With the laser system, you don't have to do anything but clean it. Mechanic: And the electronic system? Supplier: You just have to change the batteries occasionally. Mechanic: Hmm. So which one would you go with? Supplier: In your situation? The electronic system. It's more accurate than a mechanical system, for a lower price than the laser system.

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