Capital & Class. - 1979. - Issue 9 by Conference of Socialist Economists

By Conference of Socialist Economists

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7 8 9 10 II 12 "it is the job of the work study man to 'rate' the operator, as well as to time him . C . 1970, p . 9. But, now that the 'subjective problem' of 'rating'-that is, assessing how hard an individual worker is 'actually working'-has been solved, 'objectified' through the specification of rating procedures-'work' can actually be 'measured' by time . And time is what work study stop watches and 'clocking-in' mechanisms actually measure . See especially Roy 1952, Roy's introduction to Matthewson 1969, and Whyte 1952, Ch .

1954 ' "Efficiency and the Fix" : Informal Intergroup Relations in a Piecework Machine Shop', Americun journal of Sociology Vol . 60 . Rubin I . , 1973, Essays on Marx's Theory of Value (Black and Red, Detroit) . Rubin I . , 1978, 'Abstract Labour and Value in Marx's System' Capital and Class, 5 (Summer) . Ryan T. , 1947, 'Fatigue and Effort in Relation to Standards of Performance and Systems of Payment', International Labour Review. , 1976, 'The dual economics of transition', in The Labour Process and Class Strategies (Conference of Socialist Economists, London) .

92-3 (original emphasis), rather than that the workers Roy observed were engaged in a systematic and highly elaborated subversion of 'managerial prerogatives', founded on precise calculation of the necessary techniques and work content of the managerially specified range of 'work tasks' . That is, the workers Roy observed were engaged in a particular form of work measurement, as against, although to some extent conditioned by, managerial 'work measurement' . But such a form of work measurement does not qualify as a valid form of 'work measurement' as far as Baldamus is concerned .

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