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The prime Latin direction all over the world ebook II focuses first on lifestyles in Roman Britain ahead of relocating additional afield to Egypt. ebook II is complete color all through, with a transparent structure of reports and language notes. that includes a thesaurus for fast reference and comprehension questions, the booklet additionally encompasses a complete clarification of language issues and grammar perform routines.

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Cogidubnus was a faithful supporter of the Romans, and the kingship may have been a reward from the Emperor Claudius for helping them at the time of the invasion. He was granted the privilege of Roman citizenship and allowed to add two of the emperor's names (Tiberius Claudius) to his own. STAGE15 55 He became a 'client king', which meant that he ruled on behalf of the emperor and that he was responsible for collecting the taxes and keeping the peace in his part of Britain. In this way he played an important part in keeping the southern region loyal to Rome, while the legions advanced to conquer the tribes in the north.

25 52 STAGE15 procul far off in marl in the sea saxum rock meta turning-point dirigebat: dirigere steer prior in front, first ad dextram to the right navigare sail scopulus reef sub under latet: latere lie hidden vitare avoid ignorabat did not know about cursum rectum a straight course timidi: timidus fearful, frightened deridebat: deridere mock, jeer at incurritincurrere run onto, collide summersa sunk interea meanwhile cum summa ciira with the greatest care circum around incolumis safe oculos:oculus eye eis for them natabant: natare swim in summo saxo on the top of the rock madidus soaked through haerebat: haerere cling About the language 2: imperfect tense of possum, etc 1 In Stage 13, you met the present tense of possum, 'I am able': Loquax currere potest.

Parvus puer senem ducebat, quod claudidibat. rex et puer lente per turbam procedebant. rex, postquam ad effigiem advenit, vinum libavit. tum sacerdotes, qui prope effigiem stabant, victimas ad regem diixerunt. Cogidubnus victimas diligenter inspexit. victima, quam rex elegit, erat agnus niveus. rex eum sacrificavit. 'decorum est nobis Claudium honorare', inquit. sacerdotes quoque victimas ceteras sacrificaverunt. tum decem principes Britannici lectum in umeros sustulerunt. effigiem ex a trio portaverunt.

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