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ANTONYMS: (v) reject, uncertain; (v) discourage, hinder, sparse, miserly, wanting, spare, exclude, spurn, shun, renounce, halt. therein: (adv) in this, in there. scarce, scanty, scant, lean, lacking, release, loose, disbelieve. furnish: (v) afford, provide, towardly: (adj) timely, seasonable. insufficient, barren. ] Draw nearer, honest Flaminius. Thy lord's a bountiful gentleman; but thou art wise, and thou know'st well enough, although thou comest to me, that this is no time to lend money, especially upon bare friendship without security.

Will you leave me there? APEMANTUS. If Timon stay at home. You three serve three usurers? ALL SERVANTS. Ay; would they served us! APEMANTUS. So would I, as good a trick as ever hangman served thief. Thesaurus bawd: (n) prostitute, fancy woman, entrance, snout, entry; (n, v) grimace; deception, device; (v) mislead. (v) articulate, pronounce, speak. ANTONYMS: (n) frankness, honesty, whore, cocotte, trollop, hooker, tart, superscription: (n) inscription, streetwalker, harlot, woman, pimp. misunderstanding, seriousness, famish: (v) fast, hunger, clem, perish truthfulness; (adj) real, genuine, address, direction, superscript, aim, with hunger, enfamish; (adj) order, command, endorsement, innocent.

ANTONYMS: (n) innocently, candidly, naively, cheerly: (adj) cheery. frankly, outspokenly, plainly, plethora, abundance, affluence, distasteful: (adj, v) disagreeable; (adj) naturally, unsophisticatedly, excess, frequency, provision, glut, offensive, unwelcome, ugly, straightforwardly. ANTONYMS: profusion, intensity. signet: (n) sigil, completion, key, revolting, undesirable, objectionable, (adv) artfully, dishonestly, disgustful, foul, nasty; (v) pretentiously. ratification, signature, imprint, unpalatable.

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