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Toconcealthesupports, routstopped rabbets in the . Usinga woodpadto prevent anymarring, clamptheshelfto a worksurface. Fita routerwitha rabbeting bit,thensetthe depthof cutto thewidthof theshelfsupports. Gripping thetoolfirmlywithbothhands andrestingits baseplateontheshelf,routeachrabbet (abovd,making asmanypasses asnecessary to cutto themarked outline. Square theendsof the rabbetsusinga chisel(page3B). I I I I I t I I I theshelving Q Installing \Jt Withtheshelfsupports at thedesired height onthesidepan(above).

Thispermitsyouto usethe sametoolsetupfor allthecutting. Whatever typeof tenonyou decide to make,cutit3/+inch long andthe same thicknessasthe groovein the stiles. TENON J(lINTS thetenonsin therails 1 Cutting I Installa dadoheadslightly widerthanthelengthof thetenons ona tablesaw,thenattachanauxiliary fenceandraisetheblades to cut a notchin it. Setthewidthof cut eoualto thetenon length. Tocut thetenoncheeks, buttthestockagainst the fenceandthemitergauge, thenfeedit face-down overtheblades. Test thetenonin a scrappieceof woodcut witha dadothesame sizeasthegrooves in thestiles;adjustthe heightof thedado headandrepeatthe cuts,if necessary.

I I I I I I t I I I I I I I I I I t I I I r) Raising thepanel L Lowe,the guardoverthe bit and turnon therouter. Tominimize tearout, cut intotheendgrainof thepanelfirst, beveling thetopandbottombefore the s i d e sW . h i l er u n n i ntgh es t o c kp a s t h e bit,keepit flushagainst thefencewith yourlefthandandpushit forward withyour (right). Turnoff therouter, thentest-fitthecut endin a groove. lf the panelsitslessthant/q inchdeepintothegroove, increase the c u t t i n gd e p t hb y 7 ei n c ha n dm a k e another oass.

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