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Functions have the following general syntax. Syntax: return_type main() { …………. ………. } Part I: Chapter 2 Fundamentals of C++ As of now, we will always be using the key word ‘void’ as the return type when referring to function ‘main’. Now let us come to the piece of code inside the function or to the function body. In the body of the function, we have used the program statement ‘cout<<" My first C++ Program”;’. Program statements instruct the computer to execute a desired operation. Both these statements tell the compiler to display the quoted text on the screen.

So how does it matter whether we use the prefix operator with a variable or the postfix operator? 12 explains the difference. 12: Prefix, Postfix Notations Prefix Notation int a= 10; int b= 11; int c; c = a + ++b; Postfix Notation int a= 10; int b= 11; int c; c = a + b++; What is the value stored in ‘C’ in each case? When using the prefix notation the variable is first incremented and then this incremented value is used in the rest of the expression. Where as when we are using the postfix expression the variable is first used in the expression it is in and then it is incremented.

Hence the modulus operator with ‘d’ and ‘e’ as operands is executed even though the subtraction operator comes first in the expression. Step 4: As a result of the preceding steps the value of ‘105’ is stored in the variable ‘result’. 1(a) Now solve the remaining parts of the example to obtain the following results: (b) result = 105 (c) result = 105 (d) result = 145 COMMON PROGRAMMING ERRORS Using a variable in an expression before the variable is assigned a value will lead to unexpected result as unintialized variables may have junk value.

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