Berlin im Kalten Krieg by Thomas Flemming

By Thomas Flemming

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Sz˝ucs and R. Rim´anyi, 1996). This was the beginning of my work in singularity theory. And in fact all those works on A, D, E singularities, Coxeter groups and so on are a byproduct of the study of this special function z(a1 , . . , an ), and the question of how complicated is the topology of the discriminant. Thinking about this, I decided to find the cohomology ring of the braid group. I have computed the first dozen of these groups (mostly torsion) and obtained a lot of information. Then D.

From Hilbert’s Superposition Problem to Dynamical Systems 39 that I send the resulting paper to JETP — Zhurnal Eksperimental’noi i Teoreticheskoi Fiziki, the main physical journal in the USSR. A few weeks later, Leontovich (who was, as far as I remember, the vice-chairman of the editorial board) invited me to his home, near the Atomic Energy (now Kurchatov) Institute to discuss the paper. Leontovich, who headed the theoretical physics division of the thermonuclear controlled reaction project, was a friend of Kolmogorov and also of my father (he helped our family to survive when my father died and I was 11 years old).

I wonder whether Kolmogorov had been involved in the writing of the first paper of I. M. Gel’fand, who was also his student. This is one of the few papers signed by Gel’fand alone, with no collaborators. Gel’fand, whose brilliant papers and highly influential seminar I always admired very much, mastered a special and enviable art of day-to-day collaboration with extremely gifted mathematicians (mostly his former students), resulting in important and beautiful joint publications. I dare to guess that these papers were actually written in most cases by the collaborators.

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