Be as You Are: The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi by Sri Ramana Maharshi, David Godman

By Sri Ramana Maharshi, David Godman

Ramana Maharshi was once some of the most major religious lecturers to emerge from India in the course of the first 1/2 the century, and continues to be generally famous. This fresh choice of conversations among him and the various seekers who got here to his ashram for assistance includes the essence of his instructing. His quandary all through his lengthy lifetime of offering his event to others was once to persuade his listeners that self-realisation - or enlightenment - isn't really an alien or mysterious country, however the typical situation of guy. This country might be simply chanced on by way of venture the self-investigation in actual fact defined in those talks. The lucid directions to every part supply extra illumination of this better seer's message.

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I have introduced them only to make it easier for readers to wade through this complex material. The division of the translation into paragraphs, likewise, is mine. , ‘Question’, translated here as ‘Book’). da, respectively. Their numbers are given in ˙ figures. There˙ is a secondary division called patala in A ¯ paslarge . tamba and adhya¯ya in the first two books of Baudha¯yana. I have omitted their numbers so as not to clutter the translation; these divisions are generally omitted in references to these texts.

Even many of the other rules of behaviour contained in these documents cannot be traced to the vedic texts. There is, then, a dissonance between the theologically correct definition and epistemology of dharma and the reality of the rules of dharma encoded in the Dharmasu¯tras. 1–3). He calls the dharmas (plural) he is going to xxxix Introduction explain ‘accepted customary’ (sa¯maya¯ca¯rika),24 that is, the dharmas that are accepted or agreed upon (samaya) by those who ¯ pastamba clearly places customary practice at know dharma.

24 He should refrain from praising himself and disparaging others. 25 When he is ordered to do something, he should go ahead and do just that. 17).

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