Bbi Combinatory Dictionary of English: A Guide to Word by Morton Benson

By Morton Benson

Данный словарь - переиздание в СССР словаря, впервые выпущенного в 1986 г. издательством "Джон Бенджамине Паблишинг Компани" (Амстердам-Филадельфия). Это первый большой словарь словосочетаний современного английского языка. Словарь содержит около 14 тыс. слов и более seventy five тыс. грамматических и лексических словосочетаний английского языка. Порядок следования словосочетаний отвечает современным требованиям методики преподавания английского языка. Словарь предназначен для специалистов в области английского языка, преподавателей английского языка высших учебных заведений, студентов, переводчиков. Распространяется только на территории СССР.

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In fact, he showed more of the Pyncheon quality, and had won higher eminence in the world, than any of his race since the time of the original Puritan. Applying himself in earlier manhood to the study of the law, and having a natural tendency towards office, he had attained, many years ago, to a judicial situation in some inferior court, which gave him for life the very desirable and imposing title of judge. Later, he had engaged in politics, and served a part of two terms in Congress, besides making a considerable figure in both branches of the State legislature.

As her rigid and rusty frame goes down upon its hands and knees, in quest of the absconding marbles, we positively feel so much the more inclined to shed tears of sympathy, from the very fact that we must needs turn aside and laugh at her. For here,--and if we fail to impress it suitably upon the reader, it is our own fault, not that of the theme, here is one of the truest points of melancholy interest that occur in ordinary life. It was the final throe of what called itself old gentility. A, lady-who had fed herself from childhood with the shadowy food of aristocratic reminiscences, and whose religion it was that a lady's hand soils itself irremediably by doing aught for bread,--this born lady, after sixty years of Korean aught: 아마, 아무래도 상관 없다, 어떤 일, 어떤 것, 무엇이든.

Conscientious: 양심적인, 성실한, 세심한, 신중한. dissipated: 방탕한, 낭비된, 난봉부리는, 난봉피우는. horticulturist: 원예가. immemorial: 태고의, 사람의 기억에 없는, 옛적의, 먼 옛날의, 기억에 없는. inasmuch: 때문에, 이므로, 인 한은. inferior: 하위의, 하급자, 손아랫사람, 후배, 하등의, 열등한 사람, 하급품, 하급의, 이하위의, 열등한, 밑에 붙은. manhood: 남자임, 남자다움, 인간임, 성년 남자 전체, 남성기, 성년, 인격, 인성, 성인, 성인 남자. nephew: 조카, 생질의 사생아. reformed: 신교의, 개심한, 개혁된, 개량된, 칼빈파의, 종교개혁파의. riches: 부, 많음, 재물, 재보, 재산, 풍부. testator: 유언자. unquestionably: 분명히, 의심이 없는, 의심할 나위 없이, 확실히. wretchedly: 불쾌하게, 야비하게, 지독하게, 불쌍하게. Nathaniel Hawthorne 27 residence.

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