Basic Grammar and Usage, 8th Edition by Penelope Choy

By Penelope Choy

Grasp the fundamentals of the English language with easy GRAMMAR AND utilization! masking the $64000 ideas of grammar, utilization, and syntax, this developmental English textual content offers you transparent causes and diverse examples that will help you be successful. workouts assist you boost your grammar and the book-specific site has grammar reports that make sure that you grasp the cloth.

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The driver of the red Corvette skidded into the center lane. One of the employees received a $50 raise. Your clothes from the dry cleaner are in the closet. This page intentionally left blank Distinguishing Between Objects of Prepositions and Subjects 29 Exercise 3A Underline the subjects of the following sentences once and the verbs twice. Some sentences may have more than one subject and/or more than one verb. Remember to cross out the prepositional phrases first. 1. A cave in Altamira, Spain, contains some of the world’s finest Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) paintings.

It talks. They talk. The man talks. The men talk. The girl talks. The girls talk. To sum up, although adding an -s to most nouns (99 percent) makes them plural, some singular verbs also end with an -s. An easy way to remember this difference is to memorize this rule: Any verb ending in -s is singular. There are no exceptions to this rule. Therefore, it is not good usage in college writing to have a sentence in which a plural subject is matched with a verb ending in -s. Effective writers are as aware of usage as they are of grammar.

In some places, the artists painted over curves and projections in the cave wall. 11. The shape of the animals follows the contours of the stone. 12. Using this technique gives the animals an amazingly three-dimensional, lifelike quality. 13. Historians sometimes call Altamira “the Sistine Chapel of the Ice Age” because of the beauty of its art. 30 Chapter 3 14. Unfortunately, the Spanish government had to close the Altamira cave to the general public in the 1970s. 15. Warmth from the bodies of thousands of visitors, along with the heat from electric lamps, allowed a fungus to grow in the cave.

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