Assemblages of Health: Deleuze's Empiricism and the Ethology by Cameron Duff

By Cameron Duff

This e-book provides a overview of Deleuze’s key equipment and ideas during exploring how those equipment should be utilized in modern reports of overall healthiness and affliction. Taken from a Deleuzian point of view, wellbeing and fitness can be characterised as a discontinuous technique of affective and relational transitions.

The e-book argues that overall healthiness, conceived by way of the standard of existence, is complicated or facilitated within the provision of recent affective sensitivities and new relational capacities. Following an review of Deleuze’s key principles, the e-book will provide a chain of case reviews designed to demonstrate how Deleuze’s rules should be utilized to pick illnesses. This research attracts out the categorical merits of a Deleuzian method of public well-being study, constructing grounds for extra frequent engagement with Deleuze’s principles around the well-being and social sciences.

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Far from abandoning the subject as some critics argue, Deleuze provides a compelling account of the production or emergence of subjectivity within an assemblage of forces. I will argue that this logic presents a breakthrough in recent attempts to reframe the study of (posthuman) life in contemporary health research. The development of my thesis will first involve a brief account of the broad scope of Deleuze’s empiricism, before advancing a fuller discussion of relations, affects and events. The purpose of this review will be to derive specific methodological principles for the analysis of relations, affects and events in discrete settings, territories or contexts.

Michalinos Zembylas (2007) pursues a similar course in his analysis of ‘emotional intelligence’ and ‘emotion management’ in education settings. Zembylas (2007: 19–20) shares with Hickey-Moody (2009), Probyn (2004) and Semetsky (2010) an interest in reconceptualising teaching and learning as practices or technologies for the production of “intensities” that connect and reconnect bodies in novel ways; to other human bodies, to bodies of practice, to ideas, to forces, to “lines of flight” and so on.

Others have explored the de/territorialisation of (human) life and the transmission of properties, qualities, affects and capacities between bodies and spaces (Jones 2009). 1 Deleuze’s Reception in the Health and Social Sciences 29 ontology in favour of a more affective or ‘vitalist’ rendering of the topologies of place, self and world (see Dewsbury 2011; Thrift 2007 for a review). Deleuze’s distinctive reworkings of affect and intensity have also been central to the reception of his ideas in educational settings.

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