Animal Homosexuality: A Biosocial Perspective by Aldo Poiani

By Aldo Poiani

Homosexuality is an evolutionary paradox in look for a answer, now not a clinical in look for a treatment. gay habit is usual between social animals, and customarily expressed in the context of a bisexual sexual orientation. particular homosexuality is much less universal, yet now not designated to people. Poiani and Dixson invite the reader to embark on a trip throughout the evolutionary, organic, mental and sociological facets of homosexuality, looking an realizing of either the proximate and evolutionary explanations of gay habit and orientation in people, different mammals and birds. The authors additionally offer a synthesis of what we all know approximately homosexuality right into a biosocial version that hyperlinks contemporary advances in reproductive skew concept and numerous choice mechanisms to provide a accomplished framework that would be priceless for an individual educating or making plans destiny examine during this box.

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The most recent reviews of animal homosexual behaviour are the book edited by Volker Sommer and Paul Vasey (2006; see also Vasey 2006a) who have been fair in giving space to a diversity of views about evolutionary factors that could explain the origin and maintenance of same-sex sexual behaviour in vertebrates, and the article published in the journal Behavioral Ecology by Geoff MacFarlane, Simon Blomberg, Gisela Kaplan and Lesley Rogers (MacFarlane et al. 2007), which is also the first study of non-human homosexual behaviour that has used modern phylogenetically based comparative analyses.

Great emphasis will be given to candidate genes that affect same-sex sexual behaviour in various taxa and to twin and family studies in humans. Chapter 4, Ontogenetic processes, will focus on developmental processes. The effects of early exposure to hormones, stress and endocrine-disrupting environmental chemicals, along with the role of early experience, including juvenile play, on the development of homosexual behaviour will be critically analysed in a comparative perspective. A major neoteny hypothesis that could explain the evolution of homosexual behaviour in adults via maintenance of juvenile-play-like sexual behaviours will be thoroughly discussed.

G. )b In polyandrous trios where males provide parental care, male same-sex mounting may signal the strength of the cooperative bond between males to the female sexual partner Same-sex mounting reinforces cooperative bonds that sustain interactions of reciprocal altruism between non-related individuals Cooperative interactions within the family promote development of same-sex sexual behaviours. This is akin to Transactional Models of Reproductive Skew theory (see Chapters 6 and 8) (36d) Mating Diversion (37a) Heterosexual Signalling of Samesex Affiliative Bonding (37b) Reciprocal Altruism (37c) Confluence (37) Affiliation (36e) Family Dynamics Same-sex mounting may increase motivation of potential heterosexual partners to engage in copulation (36c) Heterosexual Arousal (Signal Mounting) B1M B1M B1M M M1F M1F B1M M1F B1M B1M M M1F M m?

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