An introduction to statistical physics (1982) by William Geraint V. Rosser

By William Geraint V. Rosser

Advent to Statistical Physics (Mathematics and Its purposes) [Paperback

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T h i s is the first step of the theory. :)* l-[l7-ri;)lF*(:l the effect of the motion of Ihe - a electrons on the propagation of a a electron. T h e motion of the w h e r e we have pul a s u p e r s c r i p t rr to indicale - a spin electrons is s u c h lhat. so far as a spin that I T spin electrons are i n v o l v e d electrons are c o n c e r n e d , any given a l o m s w i t c h e s F o r our next step w e rewrite the self-con- back and forth between being resonant at energies sistent equation as follows.

T o be p u b l i s h e d i n Ann. Phys. Rev. 118, 1036, Usp. Eiz. Nauk, 7 1 , 71. T r a n s l a t i o n : Soviet Phys. Phys. Usp. 3, 320. JETP, 27 141 THE HUBBARD HAMILTONIAN M. CYROT Laboreioirt i t Magnetisme, CNRS, Grenvhte 38042, Frame An account is given of the problem of correlated electron motions in Iransition melals and of Hubbard's analysis o[ it 1 he various modes ol ailack lhal have been developed since his original work are critically examined. Well-established resulls are presented, wilh emphasis on Ihe significance of exact theorems for limiting eases.

W h a t effect might one expect from the electron interaction? W e recall that H u n d ' s The problem of describing Ihe electronic first rule for atoms indicates thai the intra- s t r u c t u r e of solids has been attacked along two atomic interactions will aline the electron spins main lines. O n the one hand one m a y adopt the on an atom. m o l e c u l a r - o r b i t a l a p p r o a c h of H u n d and M u l - p r o d u c e the same result in

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