An Encyclopedia of Modern American Humour

This number of tales, poems, scenes from hit performs, parodies, and feuds, lovingly compiled via a famous authority within the box, fortunately intermingles the simplest humor of modern years with a couple of rib-ticklers from the past.
Major wits and raconteurs too various to say the following brighten up those pages.
The excitement is all yours.

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News to play ticker over " 34 Robert Benchley • "I'm afraid he's going to be too good for us," said one of the more timid ladies. " laughed. I "It's the game. And any- "I haven't played for a long time. ) was to be Dealer's Choice, which should have given women at the table, one the dealer. ' "I beg pardon," I said leaning forward. " 'Hay Fever,' " explained one of the men. "The girls like it. One card up, two down, the last two up. One-eyed Jacks, sevens, and nines wild. " "I thought this was going to be poker," I said.

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