Alzheimer Disease Sourcebook, 5th Edition by Amy L. Sutton

By Amy L. Sutton

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13 Alzheimer Disease Sourcebook, Fifth Edition The investigators tested the participants at the beginning of the study, after the initial training and booster sessions, and once a year for 5 more years. They found that the improvements from the training roughly counteracted the degree of decline in cognitive performance that would be expected over a 7- to 14-year period among older people without dementia: s )MMEDIATELYAFTERTHEINITIALTRAINING PERCENTOFTHE processing-speed group, 74 percent of the reasoning group, and 26 percent of the memory group showed improvement in the skills taught.

Therefore additional steps are necessary to confirm or rule out a diagnosis of dementia. Physical Examination A physical examination can help rule out treatable causes of dementia and identify signs of stroke or other disorders that can contribute to dementia. It can also identify signs of other illnesses, such as heart disease or kidney failure, which can overlap with dementia. If a patient is taking medications that may be causing or contributing to his or her symptoms, the doctor may suggest stopping or replacing some medications to see if the symptoms go away.

This is because changes in the brain cause large numbers of brain cells to die. It may look like simple forgetfulness at first, but over time, people with Alzheimer disease have trouble thinking clearly. They find it hard to do everyday things like shopping, driving, and cooking. As the illness gets worse, people with Alzheimer disease may need someone to take care of all their needs at home or in a nursing home. These needs may include feeding, bathing, and dressing. Taking certain medicines can help a person in the early or middle stages of Alzheimer disease.

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