Ajaya by Anand Neelakantan

By Anand Neelakantan

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Modern Physics and Vedanta

Discoveries in smooth Physics,especially the discoveries from the start of twentieth Century,are making it progressively more obvious that many conclusions of contemporary Physics are precisely the conclusions of Vedanta philosophy enshrined within the Upanishads and numerous different Vedantic texts. This small ebook is a truly humble try to undertaking how a few of the conclusions of contemporary physics converge with the very phrases and ideas of the traditional Vedanta,and it's sleek interpretations given via Swami vivekananda.

The Goddess in India: The Five Faces of the Eternal Feminine

The Goddess in India identifies the 5 faces of the everlasting female in Hindu lore. first and foremost the archetypal girl is pointed out with Nature. subsequent she is obvious because the primal mom, the fountainhead of lifestyles and nurturance. the mummy then transforms into the dancing nymph, a seductress providing worldly pleasures.

Encyclopedia of Energy

Энциклопедия по энергетике. В 6 томах (5400стр. ) энциклопедии представлен наиболее полный материал о мировой энергетике. VI том содержит предметный указатель, что значительно облегчает поиск нужной информации. Карты, графики, таблицы и фотографии иллюстрируют и поясняют текст.

A History of India

A historical past of India explores the crucial topics that unify Indian background and gives the reader a worldly and obtainable view of India’s dynamics from precedent days, the Mughal Empire, and the British Raj via post-1947 India. The booklet examines Indian politics, spiritual ideals, caste, atmosphere, nationalism, colonialism, and gender, between different concerns.

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However, except for Orubhanga, a play in classical Sanskrit by Bhasa, dealing with Duryodhana’s last moments, and Gadayudha, by the medieval Kannada poet Ranna, no authors have been sympathetic to the Crown Prince of Hastinapura. Ajaya is an attempt to view the Mahabharata from the side that lost the war. One of the meanings of Duryodhana is ‘one who is difficult to conquer’, in other words, Ajaya (Unconquerable). Though named Suyodhana, the Pandavas used the derogatory ‘Dur’ to slander him as ‘one who does not know how to wield power or arms’.

Is this how the King runs his kingdom? What can one expect of a blind man? ” The Brahmin turned to the eldest Pandava. ” The Pandavas appeared embarrassed and did not know what to say. The boys looked at each other. “I can break his head,” volunteered Bhima, still smarting from the fall he had taken at the hands of the Nishada urchin half his size. ” The colour drained from Bhima’s face. Turning to Yudhishtra the Brahmin said, “You are going to be the next King. You say how we should deal with this rascal.

None of these savants ever asked me what my caste was. I have travelled from the Himalayas to the holy city where the three oceans meet, and no scholar asked me which language or dialect I spoke at home. They came from all classes and creeds, and differed in their thoughts, yet they all spoke the universal language of love towards humankind. They lived far from the cities and shunned worldly comforts for the serenity of the forests. They neither clung to power nor claimed supremacy by accident of birth.

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