Airbus Industrie Airbus A340 (AirlinerTech Series, Vol. 3) by Scott E. Germain

By Scott E. Germain

Scot Germain's Airbus A340 contains assurance of flight exams, pilot experiences, FMGS info and most recent 500/600 models of this workhorse of the sky. Profusely illustrated with a hundred and sixty b/w photographs as well as 4 pages of colour images, Airbus A340 is a definitive advent to at least one of the main technologically complicated advertisement plane so far. certainly, the Airbus A340 was once the 1st plane to be thoroughly designed on computer.One of the illustrated sequence that takes a technical examine airliners. This quantity explains the A340's inside, cockpits, engineering exams, exploded perspectives, engines, flight platforms, wing and fuselage constitution, and protection platforms. Airliner Tech three.

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HDG TRK LA. ' 11'0. 't:::J ~~ ~~; ALl lVl/Ct ~V/S FPA ::' ~~~ ~~ ,~rm ~g' .. ~f/ ,':r ',r. • I I I I I I I I I I I SPD OR MACH SELECTOR KNOB CAPT EFIS ,'CONTROL PANEL . . PUSIflUTTON HDG OR TRK SELECTOR KNOB AFS CONTROL PANEL FlO EFIS CONTROL PANEL ~; The FeU serves as the short-term interface between the flight crew and the aircraft's FMGS. The airspeed, heading; altitude, and vertical speed knobs can be pushed or pulled to distinguish between Managed or Selected functions. AIRLINER TECH we for the customer airline and its area of operations.

04 Mach. If the stick is held full forward in this overspeed situation, the airspeed will stabilize between V MO and VMO + 15 KTS. Any overspeed condition will deactivate the autopilot and generate a continuous repetitive chime. The. Prot deactivates when the overspeed condition ends. Roll Prots in Normal Law prevent excessive bank angles and give positive spiral stability above 33° of bank. For all turns up to 33° of bank, the pilot simply rolls into the tum and centers the stick. The flight control system will automatically hold the bank angle until another stick input is made.

Tanks were also installed on the lower deck floor. (Airbus) The flight deck crew of the first A340 flight included Captain Pierre Baud (left) and First Officer Nick Warner. Baud was Vice President Flight Division and ChiefTest Pilot. (Airbus) AIRBUS INDUSTRIE AIRBUSA340 35 The A3301340 flight test fleet appears in one place at one time. The distinctive Airbus Prototype paint scheme compliments the modern lines of the aircraft and generates an easy identifiable image for Airbus. (Airbus) Prototype A340s were fitted with an extensive suite of flight test instruments and telemetry systems.

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