Adventurer's Vault 2 (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: Supplement) by Rob Heinsoo, Eytan Bernstein

By Rob Heinsoo, Eytan Bernstein

Thousands of recent guns, instruments, and magic goods in your D&D character.

Whether you're a participant trying to find a brand new piece of apparatus or a Dungeon grasp stocking a dragon's hoard, this ebook has precisely what you would like.

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A ready-to-run situation starring Samuel Haight, the werewolf skinner.

Complete principles for growing your individual Chantry.

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35 John Bagot Experience Level: Experienced Race: Human Gender: Male Job: Fleet Vehicle Driver Defining Characteristics: Self-Confident, Self-Righteous Allegiance: New Earth Government Attributes: Agility 8, Intelligence 5, Perception 6, Presence 5, Strength 6, Tenacity 8, Secondary Attributes: Actions 2, Movement 13 mph (32/8 ypt), Orgone 11, Reflex 6, Vitality 12 Qualities: Acute Sight, Ally (Blood Brigade Cell), Driven, Duty (Blood Brigade), Fanatical, Prejudice (against all Nazzadi), Wary General Skills: Computer: Novice, Demolitions: Expert (Specialized: Time Bombs), Language (English): Expert, Literacy: Novice, Observation: Adept, Persuade: Novice, Pilot (Ground Vehicles/Personal APod Vehicles): Novice , Regional Knowledge: Novice (Focused: Black Market), Security: Adept, Stealth: Adept, Surveillance: Novice, Trivia (Professional Sports Teams): Student Combat Skills: Dodge: Adept, Fighting: Adept, Marksman: Expert Gear: Book – “In the Father’s Way,” Fumigator, L7A2 Fragmentation Grenades (2ea), MP-6A1 Machine Pistol, Ordinary Clothing, PCPU, Satchel Charge Allegiance: Esoteric Order of Dagon Attributes: Agility 5, Intelligence 8, Perception 5, Presence 6, Strength 5, Tenacity 8, Secondary Attributes: Actions 1, Movement 9 mph (22/5 ypt), Orgone 13, Reflex 6, Vitality 11 Qualities: Acute Sight, Ally (Church of All), Authority (Church of All/1), Big Ego/1, Chronic Pain, Delusion (firmly believes that awakening the sleeping god will bring paradise on Earth), Duty (Church of All), Fanatical (loyal to the goals and methods of the church) Spells: Conjoin the Adrift Psyche, Consecrate Arcane Space, Contact Those Who Dwell Beyond, Eldritch Faculties, Know Passion’s Flame, Summon Fetch, Ward of Cool Spirit General Skills: Artist: Student, Bureaucracy: Novice, Computer: Novice, Culture (Deep One): Novice, Language (English): Adept, Language (Nazzadi): Expert, Language (R’lyehan): Adept, Literacy (Adept), Misdirect: Adept, Occult: Expert, Observation: Novice, Regional Knowledge: Adept, Survival: Student Combat Skills: Dodge: Novice, Marksman: Novice Gear: Aquatic Fetch, Ceremonial Garb, Ordinary Clothing, PCPU, Small Pendant adorned with the symbol of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, UT-7 Hornet, Church of All 2nd Circle Church of All 1st Circle Hybrid Recruiter: Willow Dream Willow is a real beauty and she knows it; she always Priestess: Kora-Tadi Kora-Tadi knows that the purpose of her race was once to bring war to this world.

I tore it free from his dead man’s grasp. How strange it was to kneel over him. I had won. I was the killer of killers. But I was different from Roaker. You know why? Because, unlike this monster I could feel pain. It was a deep burning pain that seared me with memories of my father before he died in the First Arcanotech War. And it was a pain that screamed at me when I thought of my wife leaving me for some young Nazzadi lover. Pain that hollowed my gut every time I thought of losing my promotion to a darkskinned alien with stupid looking tattoos on his face!

Multiple ingestions lead to death. The drug can be ingested a maximum of once a week without harm – any sooner can result in nerve damage and even death. Harmony is often ingested as a liquid or a powder. The drug can be mixed with Ecaryline for a different experience. However, those who mix Harmony and Gold usually die – after a couple of hours of the most intense and spiritual sex of their lives. Unfortunately, Harmony is highly addictive on both physical and psychological levels, but most users are capable of using the drug at the appropriate intervals to avoid harm.

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