Advances in Liquid Crystals by Jagdish K. Vij

By Jagdish K. Vij

Prigogine and Rice's hugely acclaimed sequence, Advances in Chemical Physics, presents a discussion board for serious, authoritative stories of present subject matters in each quarter of chemical physics. Edited by means of J.K. Vij, this quantity makes a speciality of contemporary advances in liquid crystals with major, updated chapters authored through the world over well-known researchers within the box.

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Kleidon and R. Lorenz an important linkage to demonstrate the use of thermodynamics to describe the emergent behavior of complex economies. As our Earth system is increasingly dominated by the human species, economic and social processes play an increasing role in shaping the physical environment, and should ultimately affect the rates of entropy production of Earth system processes as well. As pointed out above, there will doubtless be objections to the MEP principle, notably in determining its applicability domain – when and where is it useful.

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