A theory and procedure of scale analysis with applications by R. J. Mokken

By R. J. Mokken

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Freeloading: How Our Insatiable Appetite for Free Content Starves Creativity

Web PIRACY: a conflict that pits indies opposed to organizations, loose spirits opposed to the money-grubbing Scrooge McDucks of the area. Right?

Sort of. occasionally. possibly not.

Internet piracy is going via many names — copyright infringement, dossier sharing, peer-to-peer lending — yet during this energetic narrative nonfiction account, writer Chris Ruen argues that the perform of utilizing unlicensed electronic content material could be referred to as what it truly is: freeloading.

In this entire research, Ruen examines the close to pervasive challenge of net piracy, and the ethical and financial dilemmas to which it supplies upward push. The phenomenon, which at the present time impacts virtually each person who faucets a keyboard, is growing not likely alliances — among artists and companies, and among shoppers and know-how geeks within the hacker culture — and it really is altering how society perspectives and values creative production.

Ruen, himself a former freeloader, got here to appreciate how unlawful downloads can threaten the inventive neighborhood after he frolicked with profitable Brooklyn bands who had but to make a true cash in on their track. via unique examine and broad interviews with musicians and artists, Freeloading dissects this conflict. This provocative account can be a reminder of the truism that for each motion there are effects — a decision to embody functional, good suggestions that defend artists and shoppers alike.

Gewerkschaftliche Modernisierung

Die deutschen Gewerkschaften und mit ihnen die Betriebsr? te stehen mit dem R? cken zur Wand. Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen die Gewerkschaften eine stabile Organisationsmacht hatten, in denen sie als intermedi? re Akteure tragf? hige Kompromisse zwischen Kapital und Arbeit aushandeln konnten und in denen sie umfassend in der Arbeitswelt pr?

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C treated in chapters 3 and 4. arc u�ed in cxpcrimcnts to estimate the toxicity of medicines (bio-a�say). ckcted by procedures much farther removed from such sampling methods. g. human) populations. In all these cases statistical model� form an attempt at providing a basis for the generalization. apparently with some claim to success. The concept of a wider population of behavioral items relevant to a construct we wish to measure is well in agreement with intuition. > :,tudied items as indicators of other types of behavior, in spite of the carefulness with which one works, one ends up with the feeling that other items might have done just as well.

Many properties can be derived from a certain symmetry in the rob or the subject parameters, (8), and the roles of the items, (o). hmnally the roles of the two sets are often identical. For instance. 1. 5. The roles of items and subjects have, however, been reversed. 5. which giv es at a certain point on the 8-axis the probability that a subject with that value will pass that item, we may. ta/1 scale 41 \\ill be passed by subject o,. :t \alue 8,) 10 and one elsewhere. 6 shows the two trace line� of �ubjects 0, and o�.

Remarking that in the case of a scalable universe (in which all possible questions of the same content form G-items). a person ranking higher than another on a sample of items will rank higher in the universe also. he goes on to say without further proof: ... 1 his is an important property of scales, that from a sample of aflrihutes "'e can draw inferences about the universe ofallributes .. 81). The deter111inistic 11/odel: the C uunwn scale 39 as common a� i� the no t ion of a population or subjects.

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