A Source-Book of Modern Hinduism by Glyn Richards

By Glyn Richards

Via a balanced collection of texts with commentaries, this paintings combines an method of the renaissance of Hinduism and the reformation of Indian society.

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Whatever He wills comes to pass. We collect all the necessary materials, and then make a thing; He by His will creates all the materials necessary for the making of things. He is not only the maker of the world, but what is more, He is its Creator. All created things are transient, corruptible, changeable, and dependent. The Perfect wisdom that has created them and is guiding them; that alone is eternal, incorruptible, unchangeable, and self-dependent. 2 Vision of Brahma Then I went out and sat underneath an ashvattha tree and according to the teaching of the saints began meditating on the Spirit of God dwelling within my soul.

It is only the light of the soul that can reveal the Lord. ’ But what is this light of the soul? Look into your inner self, with the utmost attention of a mind abstracted from outward objects, and you will realise what the light of the soul is. When the sun is set, when the moon is not visible in the sky, when the fire is extinguished, what is the light that remains? It is only the light of the soul that is then visible. Realise this truth, even at this very moment… DEVENDRANĀTH TAGORE 23 How ignorant is he who seeks Him in the light that illumines the external world.

On any ceremonial occasion it was I who had to go from house to house inviting people. ’ Upon this he said, ‘Brother, why come to me? ’ Now after all this lapse of time I understood the purport and meaning of those words. Since then I inwardly resolved that as Rammohan Roy did not take part in any imageworship or idolatry, so would I not join in them either. I would not worship any image, I would not bow down before any image, I would not accept an invitation to any idolatrous worship. From that time my mind was fully made up.

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