A Source Book in Indian Philosophy by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Charles A. Moore

By Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Charles A. Moore

Here are the executive riches of greater than 3,000 years of Indian philosophical thought-the historical Vedas, the Upanisads, the epics, the treatises of the heterodox and orthodox platforms, the commentaries of the scholastic interval, and the modern writings. Introductions and interpretive commentaries are provided.

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6. The waters, they received that germ primeval wherein the gods were gathered all together. I t rested set upon the unborn’s navel, that One wherein abide all things existing. 7. Ye will not find him who produced these creatures: another thing hath risen up among you. Enwrapt in misty cloud, with lips that stammer, hymn-chanters wander and are discontented. 1 Nights which Varuna turns into days. * High gods. 90 (Thomas) 1. Thousand-headed was the Purusa, thousand-eyed, thousand­ footed. He embraced the earth on all sides, and stood beyond the breadth of ten fingers.

I invoke the gift of Aditi,1 the gift free from hatred, inviolable, heavenly, invulnerable, worshipful. This, O Worlds, beget for the singer. May Heaven and Earth protect us from fearful evil. 1 Sayana, a famous commentator on the Vedas, explains Aditi here as the space between Heaven and Earth. Henry explains the gift as sinlessness. If Sayana’s meaning is taken, it would refer to the blessing of seasonable rain. 4. May we serve the two Worlds that know not suffering, that aid with help, that have Gods as sons, both of them among the Gods with alternate days and nights.

O goddess, give us food with kine. 1 The drink of the gods. 16. Bring us to wealth abundant, sent in every shape, to plentiful refreshing food, To all subduing splendour, Usas, mighty one, to strength, thou rich in spoil and wealth. 168 (Thomas) 1. Declare the might of V ata’s chariot. Crushing in pieces he goes. Thundering is his roar. He touches the sky as he advances, making (the clouds) ruddy, and speeds over the earth, whirling up dust. 2. Behind him rise the blasts of Vata. They advance to him like women to a meeting.

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