A Simple Guide to Flash MX (Simple Guide) by Brian Salter, Naomi Longford Wood

By Brian Salter, Naomi Longford Wood

Utilizing the preferred uncomplicated advisor structure, readers might be in a position to get an entire advent to Flash MX and its many new intriguing positive aspects. geared toward the reader without, or little, wisdom of website design, this e-book exhibits the most gains of Flash, as well as the fundamentals of website design. Flash MX is the recent improve to Flash five, and appears to revolutinise the net animation area.

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11). You can set your preferred default by going to the Edit menu and selecting Preferences. 11 Tooltips helps you select the right icon. Rulers and Grids Together with Rulers, you can also display a Grid, both of which are ideal aids to drawing objects with exact sizes, shapes or positions. You can turn them on by selecting Rulers or Grid from the View menu. This menu also allows you to snap items to the Grid. 12). Testing your Flash MX movies As you work through creating your Flash animations you will need to play them back to check that your animations and interactive controls are working properly.

By simply clicking on a segment, you can select it and the segment will become highlighted. 2. 2 A selected segment with its associated cursor. 43 8561 Chapter 3 p41-58 44 2/9/02 9:45 am Page 44 Flash MX for Windows To add another segment to your selection you need to hold down the Shift key as you select it. But if you want to select the entire shape, try double-clicking it instead. As long as all the segments are touching one another, the entire shape should become selected. If you are using another tool and you want to select the Arrow tool quickly, press the Ctrl key.

Many people find the Pen tool hard to master at first, but a little practice is all that is necessary. 12 The Subselector tool is used to adjust curves. 8561 Chapter 2 p17-40 29/8/02 3:08 pm Page 31 2: Drawing and painting Painting with the Paint Bucket We’ve already seen how to fill an object with colour as we create it. But what if we want to fill the object later? 13) comes into its own. Select the Paint Bucket icon (or key K on the keyboard) and click the mouse cursor inside the area you wish to be filled.

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