A Magician Among the Spirits by Houdini by Harry Houdini

By Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini (1874-1926), whose genuine identify was once Erik Weisz, used to be probably the most well-known magicians and escapologists of all time. He used to be hugely sceptical of the various claims made referring to psychic and paranormal phenomena, which have been very hot within the past due 19th and early 20th centuries. He attended countless numbers of seances for the needs of his examine, and not skilled one he believed actual. during this e-book, released in 1924, he defined the mediums and psychics whom he published as fraudulent, exposing the tips which had confident many impressive scientists and teachers.

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The phenomena produced surpassed my expectations, and your experiments were full of interest for me. I consider it my duty to add that those phenomena are inexplicable, and the more so by such persons as have thought themselves able to guess your supposed secret, and who are, in fact, far indeed from discovering the truth. "Hamilton. " M. Rhys, a manufacturer of conjuring implements and himself an inventor of tricks, wrote the Davenports: ". . I have returned from one of your seances quite astonished.

He said that he recognized in me a past master of the craft and therefore spoke openly and did not hesitate to tell me the secrets of his feats. " Not once was there. even a hint that Spiritualism was of any concern to him, instead, discussing his work as straightforward showmanship. For me it was a memorable day and did not end with the setting of the sun, for we talked far into the night, * I with notebook in hand, he with a long piece of rope initiating me into the mysteries of the real "Davenport tie," which converted thousands to a belief in Spiritualism and was the genesis t of the rope-tying stunts which gave such a stimulus to Spiritualistic discussion in connection with the brothers.

Almost every publication that has written an expose of the Davenport Brothers claims with glee that the trick was performed by putting flour into their pockets from which they took a fresh handful after the manifestations were finished and pretending that their hands were clenched all the time. It is claimed that once a committeeman instead of placing flour in their hands filled them with snuff and after the manifestations had been performed they had their hands fulls of flour. Ira told me that this was a deliberate lie as they did not need to get rid of the flour in their hands as they could do all the tricks with their hands clenched using the free thumb.

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