A history of national socialism by Konrad Heiden

By Konrad Heiden

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It was already dangerous for people who went to the meetings and tried to make use of the good parlimentary custom of questioning the speaker. A man whom Hitler particularly disliked, for instance, an engineer called Ballerstedt, the leader of the federalist “Bavarian Association,” had a particularly bad time. ” As time went on it became the custom to throw interrupters out of the meetings “gently but firmly,” as the National Socialist paper put it. The Nazis, however, were not content with these “defensive” measures.

He joined the staff of the commission that had been established to investigate the events of the Bolshevist revolution in Munich and drew up indictments against persons suspected of complicity in the revolution. In attending a course of lectures on politics delivered to soldiers of the Reichswehr, Hitler took a step of decisive importance for his future career. In June 1919 he was filled with enthusiasm by hearing Gottfried Feder lecture for the first time. The soldiers of the Counter-Revolution were desirous of being more than soldiers.

It was expressly required that there should be “no revolution or class-warfare, but definite creative reforms,” which in certain circumstances might lead to nationalization of industries. And the programme continued categorically: “Private property is not in itself harmful so long as it is the result of honest personal endeavour, and is so used as not to be deleterious to the general good”—a statement that only serves to reveal its perpetrator’s incapacity for thought. However, statements such as this, that something harmless is not harmful, will always find champions at a time when it is more important to be a good hater than a clear thinker.

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