A grammar of Mualang : an Ibanic language of western by Johnny Tjia

By Johnny Tjia

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1 Phoneme inventory This section contains a phonetic account of the consonants and vowels of Mualang. Charts will be given to show the inventory of the phonemes. 2. The phoneme charts are followed by examples of (near) minimal pair of similar sounds. A detailed phonetic account of individual phonemes in various attested positions follows. 1 below: 1 For pre- and postploded nasals in other languages, see for instance Blust 1997, Durie 1985 for Acehnese, and McGinn 1982 for Rejang. 1: Consonant phonemes Below is a list of (near) minimal pairs attesting to phoneme status of adjacent sounds in word-initial, medial and final position.

The last trip made to the Mualang area was in June 2004, during which I gathered more materials, did elicitation for clarification and for filling in gaps revealed during the process of writing the initial drafts of this thesis. This return trip was really helpful as I was able to see the language as a whole after having analyzed it in parts. 2 PHONOLOGY This chapter describes the major features of Mualang phonology. 1 presents the phoneme inventory of consonants and vowels with examples of contrasts.

O. 2 displays the four vowels available in Mualang. 2: Vowel phonemes In (2-3) (near) minimal pairs are presented in initial, medial and final position. The three vowels /i/, /u/, and /a/ occupy all positions in the word, whereas the schwa never appears word-initially, word-finally, and in the monosyllabic word. 2 Word initially the frequency of the postploded nasals is low. Thus far I have not been able to find a valid contrast in word initial position for palatal nasals /ْ/ and /ْ’/. o. o. 1 above.

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