A Grammar of Hinuq by Forker, Diana

By Forker, Diana

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For many, but not for all of the texts in my corpus I have audio recordings. The audio recordings were made with a DAT recorder (2006) and later on with the audio recorder Olympus LS 10. The texts that lack audio data are either from the grammars or they were slowly dictated by the informants so that I was able to type them directly. The texts that come with audio data were first recorded and then transcribed and translated with the help of informants. 22 Chapter 1. Introduction Table 1. The Hinuq corpus Genre # Glossed texts # Recordings 34 8 9 16 18 3 12 23 7 9 13 3 - Texts collected by using stimuli (ca.

The last paper is basically the only description of Hinuq available in English. 2. This grammar This book covers the most important aspects of Hinuq grammar thereby following the traditional order: phonology (Chapter 2), morphology (Chapters 3–14), syntax (Chapters 15–28), and also information structure (Chapter 29). Furthermore, it contains a long text in Hinuq with morpheme-by-morpheme glosses and an English translation (Chapter 30). 4. But those topics that could not be covered comprehensively relying only on corpus analysis have been elicited.

In addition, there is extensive long-distance reflexivization in various types of subordinate clauses. Phrases are head-final. In clauses with transitive verbs the most frequent word order is agent-patient-verb, although main clauses admit all other five logically possible orders. Only subordinate clauses are more restrictive in their word order. Generally, word order is strongly influenced by information structure. 12 Chapter 1. 4. Language contact Hinuq has been in immediate contact with three languages from which it has borrowed many words: Georgian, Avar and Russian.

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