A Goddess in the Stones: Travels in India by Norman Lewis

By Norman Lewis

A attention-grabbing portrait of the eclectic tribes of India and the distant areas that they inhabit

In the Nineteen Nineties, the fifty-four million participants of India’s tribal colonies accounted for seven percentage of the country’s overall population—yet little or no approximately them used to be recorded. Norman Lewis depicts India’s jungles as being endangered via “progress,” and his feel of urgency in recording what he can in regards to the country’s particular tribes ends up in a compelling and interesting narrative. From the poetic Muria humans whose nutrition contains monkeys, pink ants, and crocodiles, to the tranquil mountain tribes who can be regarding the Australian Aborigines, to the bare Mundas those who may possibly shoot, with bow and arrow, an individual who laughs of their path, Lewis chronicles the original features of the numerous tribes that locate their lifestyle more and more threatened by means of the encroachment of modernity.

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The earth teaches me that one should just go on doing what he or she was born to do, even if aggressors manhandle you or harass you in various ways. Indeed, aggressors are acting helplessly under the control of God, according to their own conditioning. Even if raped or pillaged, the earth is never distracted from its duties; nor should we be distracted from ours. 38. Further, we should learn from the mountain to devote all our efforts to the service of others, which is reminiscent of the tree, too—always dedicated to others, even if neglected or abused.

Whenever the she-pigeon desired something, she would get it. Indeed, she knew how to lovingly manipulate her husband to obtain her ends, and he in turn would accommodate her by faithfully doing whatever she wanted. Thus, he was totally dedicated to her in every way. 57. In due course of time, the she-pigeon became pregnant and, as fate would have it, numerous eggs appeared within the happy couple’s nest. 58. Soon, the eggs hatched, and baby birds, with soft limbs and light feathers—as only the Lord can create—brightened the lives of these already blissful pigeons.

65. As they approached their nest, the mother-pigeon was the first to see it: her dear ones were trapped in a hunter’s net, crying piteously. Her heart practically stopped, and she screamed in pain as she rushed toward them. She heard their little voices calling out to her, too, in desperation. 66. The ropes of maternal affection had tied her to an irrational love, and she could not see beyond them. Bound by the intricate knots of the Lord’s illusory energy, completely given to material attachment, she charged head first toward her helpless progeny, and in this way, she, too, became entangled in the hunter’s net.

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