A Feminist companion to Exodus to Deuteronomy, Volume 6 by Athalya Brenner

By Athalya Brenner

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His solution is to kill male babies, but again the result is the same: the Hebrews increase, v. 20. In the first case, the directive was carried out by the people, but the solution was unsuccessful. In the second case, the directive was not carried out, and the effectiveness of the solution was thus not adequately tested. 6 Now the solution is overt, whereas in the case of the midwives it had been covert; and this time the verb is stronger: he no longer simply speaks (ID»), he commands ("en, v.

Verses 5-6. As if by design, pharaoh's daughter comes down to bathe in the Nile. Since her maids are walking beside the Nile, she, and not they, sees the ark among the reeds. A series of actions is attributed to her: she goes down to bathe in the river, she sees the ark among the reeds, she sends her maid to fetch it,32 she opens it and sees the child. Observing his tears, she has compassion. Surmising the situation, she says, 'This is one of the Hebrews' children'. The detailed attention to her activity recalls the elaborate consideration given to the preparations of Moses' mother in vv.

F. Albright, "The Refrain "and God Saw ki tdb" in Genesis', in Melanges bibliques rediges en I'honneur de Andre Robert (Paris: Bloud & Gay, 1957), pp. 24-26; cf. L. Kugel, "The Adverbial Use of W tdb',JBL 99 (1980), pp. G. Janzen, 'Kugel's Adverbial tf tdb: An Assessment', JBL102 (1983), pp. 99-106. 28. Schmidt, Exodus, p. 68. 29. H. Gressmann, Die Anftnge Israels von 2. Mose bis Richter und Ruth (SAT, 1/2; Gottingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1922), p. '. 30. LXX apparently felt the need to supply him; the verbs in v.

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