A Dictionary of the Ugaritic Language in the Alphabetic by Gregorio Olmo Lete, Joaquin Sanmartin, W G E Watson

By Gregorio Olmo Lete, Joaquin Sanmartin, W G E Watson

As with all dictionary of a newly found lifeless language, the purpose of this Dictionary of the Ugaritic alphabetic texts is to point the degree reached in its lexical description and to function a reference paintings for extra examine. during this connection, the most interpretative evaluations were incorporated, when you consider that to a wide quantity Ugaritic lexicography continues to be doubtful. additionally the main proper comparative Semitic fabric has been supplied so one can corroborate the lexical offerings followed through the authors and aid readers to ensure their very own. the recent fabric stumbled on for the reason that 1992 and lately released has additionally been integrated, in addition to the entire own and topographical names as within the earlier variations.

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6 I 2. 24:36–37 (Akk. aban kīsi; Hb. ʔbn kys, ʔbn ṣdq). 774:1. ả/ỉbn PN (Sem. ). : /ʔabn=/, cf. 01):8 and passim (Huehnergard UVST 222). Var. 658:13; cf. 22:13 (Dietrich-Loretz KA 190: “Stein” / PN). 427:13. ỉbn PN; cf. ả/ỉbn. ủbn PN (Hurr. ). ; Van Soldt BiOr 46 1989 650; UF 21 1989 337 n. : cf. 07 A):17. 103:5 (ršpảb ảḫ PN). ảbny PN (etym. unc. Bordreuil-Pardee ManUg 293; Watson AuOr 30 2012 324). 817:15. ủbnyn PN (Hurr. ). Gröndahl PTU 229). 80:2 (cf. bt (II) 5). abr[ PN, bkn (Watson LSU 154).

Watson AuOr 8 1990 244; LSU 154; AuOr 30 2012 327). 617 I 16. ủbrʕ(y) TN (Belmonte RGTC 12/2 303: ʔUburʕā. ; Astour RSP 2 266; UF 13 1981 7; Bordreuil Syria 61 1984 1, 7; Watson LSU 197; Van Soldt Topography 6, 169; Belmonte Fs. 131):38. Huehnergard UVST 249, 251; Van Soldt SAU 338. ¶ Forms: ủbrʕy, ủbrʕ. 288:4. Cf. 622:2; in bkn ctx. 693:2; cf. 824:8. ủbrʕn PN (< ủbrʕ, TN. Gröndahl PTU 27, 88). 110:3. ủbrʕy GN m. (< ủbrʕ(y), TN). ¶ Forms: sg. /du. ủbrʕym. 50:2. ỉbrd PN (Sem. ). : cf. 77) rev. 9; cf.

309:12. -Hurr. : a-bi-ḫe/ḫé-li, PRU 3 240; PRU 6 137. Van Soldt SAU 128, 352. 853:3. ảbky PN (Hurr. ), Nuzi a-pa-ak-ku-ia. Cassin-Glassner AAN 24; diff. Lipiński FO 21 1984 72). 723:13. ảbl PN (etym. unc. : cf. 314) 2 and passim; PRU 4 172f. 145) 2 and passim. 371:10. (ỉ)blbl n. m. ); prob. the /qlql/ pattern < */w-b-l/, Ug. /y-b-l/; Akk. babbilu, “Kornträger”, AHw 94; “bearer (as agricultural worker)”, CAD B 8f. Sanmartín SEL 5 1988 175; Watson LSU 75). ¶ Forms: pl. blblm; suff. ỉblblhm. 62:11.

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