A Derivational Syntax for Information Structure (Studies in by Luis López

By Luis López

During this quantity, Luis L?pez sheds new mild on details constitution and makes an important contribution to paintings on grammatical operations within the Minimalist application. via a cautious research of dislocations and concentration fronting in Romance, the writer indicates that notions corresponding to 'topic' and 'focus', as often outlined, yield no predictions and proposes as an alternative a function method in keeping with the notions 'discourse anaphor' and 'contrast'. He offers an in depth version of syntax---information-structure interplay and argues that this interplay happens on the part point, with a privileged function for the sting of the part. additional, he investigates phenomena about the syntax of items in Romance and Germanic - accusative A, p-movement, clitic doubling, scrambling, item shift - and indicates that there are cross-linguistic correlations among syntactic configuration and specificity, autonomous of discourse connectedness. the amount ends with a longer research of the syntax of dislocations in Romance.

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Information structure 37 In this example, de cadires is left dislocated. Notice also that, under the deWnition of focus provided above, this could qualify as focus. The context asks if there is an x, such that x belongs to a set of furniture and you bought x. de cadires makes a (partial) contribution to resolving x (see Krifka 1991 on the notion that contrastive topics contain a focus, an idea that has had many followers). Thus, a constituent marked as [+Focus] may stay in situ, may be FFed or may be CLLDed.

7c). However, la Jennifer is not dislocated. Thus, the ‘‘said about’’ test embraces constituents that are not dislocated and does not reach several types of examples of dislocates. 5 Reinhart (1981: 73–8). 6 Moreover, as has often been pointed out, the term ‘‘old information’’ is misleading, because a DP is not ‘‘information’’, a term that is more appropriate to use for propositions—hence my scary quotes. 28 Syntax and Information Structure Since APs and PPs can be dislocated, test (iii) is not going to work either: APs are not referential under a standard notion of this term.

Some earlier authors tried to reproduce the pragmatic eVects of CLRD, p-movement, or scrambling by using accentual patterns in English. However, deaccenting in English does not have the same import as CLRD or p-movement, as will become clear in this book. I conclude that translation in neutral word order is the least misleading choice. 1 Introduction In this chapter I develop the Wrst installment of my approach to information structure. Information structure in this work is taken to involve those aspects of sentence grammar relevant for the integration of sentences into discourses: certain sentential conWgurations can be felicitously integrated into certain discourses while others cannot.

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