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System-on-a-Chip Verification: Methodology and Techniques

System-On-a-Chip Verification: technique and strategies is the 1st publication to hide verification options and methodologies for SOC verification from approach point verification to the layout signal- off. the themes coated comprise creation to the SOC layout and verification features, process point verification briefly, Block point verification, Analog/mixed sign simulation, Simulation, HW/SW Co-verification, Static netlist verification, actual verification, and layout sign-off briefly.

Methoden der vergleichenden Politikwissenschaft: Eine Einführung

Das Buch ist als Einführung für das Grund- und Hauptstudium der Politikwissenschaft gedacht. Es behandelt die zentralen Fragen und Ansätze der vergleichenden politikwissenschaftlichen Forschung, diskutiert diese kritisch und stellt geeignete Lösungsstrategien für spezifische Probleme des Forschungszweiges vor.

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It is difficult to predict the future development of the problems or even to establish who the problem owner is. Complex societal problems are also referred to as wicked problems or problems with deep uncertainty. The field of the Methodology of Societal Complexity is a multidisciplinary field. Complex societal problems are in several ways multidisciplined. The problem itself is interdisciplinary, involving aspects that are subjects of study in several disciplines. The content knowledge needed for analyzing the problem extends to more than one discipline.

5 Kind of Study In 1990 at the start of the research for the dissertation (DeTombe 1994) little research existed on complex societal problems, let alone on defining and handling them. For that reason the study was an exploratory theoretical study that reflects on the scientific literature of problem handling in general, with an emphasis on the analysis and the defining of complex societal problems. Twenty years later the Theory of the Methodology of Societal Complexity is better known, and there is a need for a handbook, which includes an updated explanation of the basic theoretical foundation of the field of the Methodology of Societal Complexity, and the Compram methodology, and of in real life examples to illustrate the application of the methodology.

In Chap. 13, Implementation, Ethical Aspects, Validation, and Testing of Complex Societal Methodologies, different methodological concepts are discussed. The chapter starts with discussing the use of the Compram methodology for avoiding opposition to the implementation of large technological projects in the view of global safety. 5. The chapter discusses the ethical aspects of the use of methodologies for handling complex societal problems, the validation of research of complex societal problems, and testing methodologies for handling complex societal problems.

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