A Better Look at Intelligent Behavior: Cognition and Emotion by Frederic Perez-Alvarez, Carme Timoneda-Gallart

By Frederic Perez-Alvarez, Carme Timoneda-Gallart

The elemental objective of this publication is to speak a brand new realizing of human behaviour via making an allowance for how either cognition and emotion exist at a neurological point. Neurological proof can now clarify how cognition and emotion paintings interactively. which means each time the mind is mentally working, either cognition and emotion are operating. the ultimate consequence of this inner task is/may be an exterior behaviour. during this feel, talking, interpreting, studying, consuming, melancholy, nervousness, etc are all behaviours produced through significant neurological mechanisms we now have been conscious of because the Nineties. The neurological facts is predicated on a number of equipment of research, one instance is the most recent sensible magnetic resonance in people. This e-book provides a proof of standard functionality to be by way of a proof of dysfunctional behaviour.

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1996]. Only good logical reasoning allows us to plan any action, which basically implies the ability to foresee the consequences derived from the action. Years ago we knew executive function (something very similar to PASS planning function) had to do with the prefrontal lobe [Stuss, & Benson, 1986; Shallice, 1988; Fuster, 1989]. Has the achievement of the thinking cortex been an advantage? Has planning ability been an advantage? The automatic mechanism, in contrast to the thinking conscious attention mechanism, is simpler in both anatomy and function and works independently of conscious attention, resulting in faster performance.

We count on neuro-physiological evidence of unconscious processing happening just before conscious decision making. The experiment of Benjamin Libet, neurophysiologist of California University, after the previous studies of German neurophysiologists HH Kornhuber and L Decke is astonishing [Degen, 2000, 2001; Libet, 1966, 1982], is astonishing. Individuals under experiment made decisions while under electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG), and the decision-making moment (will wave) being recorded.

1997; Bechara et al. 2005], which, in fact, links with the visceral feedback theory of James-Lange [James, 1890]. Likewise, we count on evidence that skin conductance activity precede the decisionmaking act [Bechara & Damasio, 1997; Bechara et al. 1997, 1999, 2000, 2005], which allows us to deduce that some kind of unconscious processing associated with somatic-visceral activity takes place before conscious decision-making happens. If so, we can assume that this previous unconscious processing influences conscious-declarative decision-making.

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